Dr. Tricia Flanagan

Dr. Patricia Flanagan

Sculpting Daily Interactions: Rethinking Public Art Praxis through Feedback Loops and Haptic Interfaces. 

 Ongoing technological developments are constantly redefining the border between private and public space and the interaction between a work of art and its audience. The fluidity of these relationships requires of the artist flexible working methodologies and multi-layered approaches: artistic paradigms based on concepts of networking and communication theory and practice. One of the attractions of working in public space is that it is always in a state of change.

I will briefly discuss the development of my professional arts practice from early kinetic installations and interactive art works to public art and wearables and the evolution of the interface in terms of artistic tactics, such as the use of dialogical techniques, participation and relational aesthetics.  I propose that artworks made from the products of daily life are rich in tacit knowledge that can be experienced through haptic interfaces and empathetic processes.

I will discuss the progression from installed objects to augmented and bodily worn objects and show examples of experimental student projects developed in the Wearables Lab in Hong Kong. My most recent research explores ways to harness the power of feedback loops to amplify expressions through bodily worn objects.

Academy of Visual Arts Hong Kong